The Chapel of St. Mary’s City


The Brick Chapel at St. Mary’s City is a powerful reminder of faith, perseverance, and enduring American values. Many early English settlers fled religious persecution. Liberty of conscience and separation of church and state were mandated in colonial Maryland, far in advance of the laws and practices in other New World colonies. In 1697 Royal Governor Francis Nicholson, who moved the capital from St. Mary’s City to Annapolis, referred to the structure as “A Good Brick Chappell”.  Although the brick chapel was in active use for only about thirty years, its legacy of religious freedom remains vitally important in our own lifetime.


Reconstruction of the 1667 Brick Chapel is an essential step in telling the story of one of Maryland’s greatest contributions to American values.



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In 1997, the Historic St. Mary’s City Foundation initiated the Chapel Campaign with a goal of raising funds to rebuild the 1667 Brick Chapel.  Individuals, foundations, corporations, small businesses, social, religious, and civic groups from throughout Maryland and the nation have participated in The Chapel Campaign. The contributions made so far are a strong beginning for the project, but the reality is that additional gifts are still needed in order to complete and furnish the building.  Would you like to Donate Now?