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Ghost Walls: The Story of a 17th-Century Colonial Homestead by award-winning (not-just-for) children’s author Sally Walker is now on sale in The Shop! This beautiful book chronicles the story of our own St. John’s — witness to the first stirrings of democracy–and the decline, fall, and archaeologists’ and historians’ eventual re-discovery of the house that stood on this site.


The history and archaeology of Maryland’s first capital written by HSMC’s laboratory director and curator. Illustrated with photos of artifacts and exhibits found at the site.
Silas Hurry, 2001
paperback – $9.95


How the Chesapeake influenced the location and subsequent development of the first colonies by HSMC’s waterfront site supervisor.
Joseph M. Greeley, 2005
paperback – $9.95


The story of Maryland’s founding
for fourth-grade students.
Sandy Shoemaker, 2000
paperback – $16.95


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Often compared unfavorably with colonial New England, the early Chesapeake has been portrayed as irreligious, unstable, and violent. In this important study, James Horn challenges this conventional view and looks across the Atlantic to assess the enduring influence of English attitudes, values, and behavior on the social and cultural evolution of the early Chesapeake.
James Horn, 1994
paperback – $19.95


Annual research journal dedicated to early colonial history and archaeology of eastern North America. Volume 8 includes “Lord Baltimore’s Colony of Maryland and its Capital of St. Mary’s City 1634-1695″by HSMC research director,Henry Miller.
Published by the
Colony of Avalon Foundation, 2003.
paperback – $22.95


Profiles in Colonial History, No. 1 chronicles the founding of the Maryland colony and the origin of human rights and democracy in America. Also in this series, and in stock, “Brigands, Barristers, and Brents”, a profile of Margaret Brent.
Aleck Loker, 2006
paperback – $6.95


Interdisciplinary annual journal examines the role of historical ceramics in the American context. Includes an article by laboratory director Silas Hurry on the “Merryman” sherd found inSt. Mary’s City.
Edited by Robert Hunter, 2005
paperback – $59.95


Anthology of scholarly papers presented during proceedings honoring Maryland’s 350th anniversary. Includes An Archaeological Perspective on the Evolution of Diet in the Colonial Chesapeake, 1620-1745 by HSMC research director, Henry Miller.
Edited by Lois Green Carr
Philip D. Morgan, and Jean B. Russo, 1988
paperback – $27.95


An archaeological investigation of mortuary practices in the 17th-century cemetery at St. Mary’s City by HSMC’s chief archaeologist.
Timothy B. Riordan, 2005
paperback – $17.95


Former HSMC commissioner traces the development of the novel solution the Calverts devised to resolve the conflict of loyalty they faced as English Catholics.
John D. Krugler, 2004
hardcover – $39.95


Facon de Venise is a material culture study of the exquisite 17th century drinking vessels recovered archaeologically at
St. Mary’s City.
Anne Dowling Grulich, 2004
paperback – $12.00


Meticulous reproduction of HortusFloridus (1614) by noted Dutch engraver. 104 illustrations.
Crispin van de Pass, 1614
paperback – $19.95


A history of the mother county of Maryland, 1634-1690.
Regina Combs Hammet, 1991
hardcover – $41.95


Beautifully designed book for older children is part of the Signature Lives series.
J. Dennis Robinson
hardcover – $24.95


Reproduced from the Maryland Historical Magazine, Volume 82, No. 1, Spring 1987.
Garry Wheeler Stone, 1987
paperback – $4.95


Fall 2004 journal of the Maryland Historical Society focuses on St. Mary’s City. Includes articles by HSMC’s historian, director of research, chief archaeologist, and more.
Edited by Robert I. Cottom, 2004
paperback – $9.95


Father Andrew White’s Voyage to Maryland (1633) is a lively chronicle of an American odyssey. This vivid narrative details the characters, settings, and events of the 17th century expedition that resulted in the founding of the Maryland colony.
Translated by
Barbara Lawatsch-Boomgaarden, 1995
paperback – $26.95


Maryland and the English Civil War: 1645-1646 by HSMC’s chief archaeologist. The little-known tale of Ingle’s Rebellion and the year of the plunder that nearly destroyed the early Maryland colony.
Timothy B. Riordan, 2004
hardcover – $35.00


A view of agriculture and society in 17th-century America, that of a yeoman Chesapeake family. Meticulous original research includes work by HSMC’s historian.
Lois Green Carr,
Russell Menard, & Lorena Walsh, 1991
paperback – $24.95