Small Craft

Small Craft at the Waterfront


In addition to the Maryland Dove, visitors to the waterfront at Historic St. Mary’s City will see two smaller boats as well as a work float.



In the water by the Maryland Dove lies Parrot. Parrot is the ship’s boat, also known as a shallop. The ship’s boat was a vital part of the ship’s equipment because in the 1600s docks and wharves were rare, especially in the Colonies. Ships would anchor in deep water and the ship’s boats along with local craft would be used to load and unload the ship’s cargo.


Olive Branch

On the dock under the shelter by the ship is Olive Branch, so called because she is carried by the Maryland Dove.  Olive Branch is a type of boat called a wherry. Wherries are small rowing boats used to transport light cargo or more commonly passengers. Although Olive Branch is based on the Rhodes wherry from Lincolnville Maine, the type goes as far back as 1443.



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