Notable People

Notable People


Early Maryland was shaped by the efforts of many women and men.  Evidence about some of them has survived is considerable quantities, while others have nearly vanished from memory.   Most of the data about them is from legal records because few letters and no diaries or commonplace books have survived from 17th-century Maryland settlers.  Even documents from Cecil Calvert are rare, with the majority in a small collection called The Calvert Papers owned by the Maryland Historical Society.


In this section, we present biographical information and other insights about a few of the many fascinating individuals who influenced or directly participated in the creation of Lord Baltimore’s Maryland.  Our intention is to expand this as new evidence is collected and more research conducted regarding the colony’s founders.


Calvert Family Tree


Margaret Brent


George Calvert


Cecil Calvert


Leonard Calvert


Phillip Calvert


King Charles I


Mary & Daniel Clocker 

Mark Cordea


Mathias de Sousa


John Lewger


William Smith


Garrett Van Sweringen


Father Andrew White


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