Maryland Beginning

Maryland at the Beginning

Exploring the Founding of Lord Baltimore’s Colony




Maryland at the Beginning –

Historic St. Mary’s City celebrated the 375th anniversary of Maryland’s founding throughout 2009. Commemoration began on Maryland Day weekend with a symposium titled “Maryland at the Beginning.”


The free lecture program offered 30-minute talks by leading Chesapeake historians and archaeologists. On all but the “Welcome”, Dr. Henry Miller, director of research at HSMC, is heard introducing each speaker in turn and moderating the final “Questions” session. The sessions were recorded in Auerbach Auditorium of St. Mary’s Hall on the campus of St. Mary’s College of Maryland in St. Mary’s City, Maryland.


Maryland at the Beginning Audio Files


Bob Klingberg


Dr. Regina Faden, Executive Director, Historic St. Mary’s City and Dr. Michael Cain, Director, Center for the Study of Democracy, St. Mary’s College of Maryland


Why Maryland? The Lords Baltimore and their Colonial Enterprises
Dr. John Krugler, Professor of History, Marquette University


The Ark & The Dove: The Ships that Founded Maryland & their Crews
Joseph M. Greeley, Waterfront Interpretive Supervisor and William Gates, Captain, The Maryland Dove, Historic St. Mary’s City


A Relation of Maryland’s Founding Voyage
Dr. Henry M. Miller, Director of Research, Historic St. Mary’s City


The Piscataway and Yaocomico Peoples of Maryland
Dr. Gabrielle Tayac, National Museum of the American Indian


Manorial Maryland: Establishing the Colony
Dr. Garry Wheeler Stone, Monmouth Battlefield, New Jersey Parks


Maryland at the Beginning: Significance and Legacy
Dr. Edward Papenfuse, Maryland State Archivist


This and other special programs marking the 375th anniversary of Maryland’s
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