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Historical Resources for St. Mary’s City
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Dispatches from Field School

Archaeological Excavations at St. Mary’s City


St. Mary’s River Archaeological Project

Underwater Archaeology in the St. Mary’s River


All of Us Would Walk Together

An Exhibit on the Transition from Slavery to Freedom at St. Mary’s City


Dispatches from Oxford

Experiences and findings of Dr. Henry Miller while on assignment at the Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies at Oxford, England


Maryland at the Beginning

Audio presentations exploring the Founding of Lord Baltimore’s Colony


Audio Tour of Historic St. Mary’s City

You can explore the museum and its history from home, go on a virtual visit with this audio tour.


L.H.Barker’s Historical Illustrations

Interpretive architectural and historical illustrations


Sally M. Walker’s Ghost Walls

Ghost Walls: the Story of a 17th Century Colonial Homestead. A book of how teams of scientists and historians coaxed St. John’s house into telling its many tales.