Field Trip Planner

Field Trip Planner


Consider your field trip to Historic St. Mary’s City a chance to study and experience Maryland’s colonial history.  A clear sense of purpose on the part of your students and some previously-identified and discussed questions will make the experience more educational and rewarding.


Our experience shows us that students get the most from their visit if they are not distracted by carrying backpacks, lunch bags, clipboards, and/or assignment sheets during the tour.


The following sections of the Field Trip Planner are designed to prepare you and your students for your visit to Historic St. Mary’s City in these ways:


  • The preparation section provides logistical information to prepare for and schedule your visit.
  • The background information section is intended to provide teachers with information related to the themes that are interpreted at each living history site, as well as to provide useful information to stimulate classroom discussion prior to your visit.Aglossary provides students with definitions to words they may encounter during their tour.  You may wish to review these words prior to your visit.
  • The activities for students and student-level reading may be used before your field trip as preparatory lessons and/or after your trip as reinforcement.

It is our wish that your trip to Historic St. Mary’s City complements your social studies curriculum.  We welcome your suggestions or comments as we continue to improve what we offer you and your students.



Trip Planner


Arrival Form for Guided Tours

Arrival Form for Self-Guided Tours
Arrival Form for Reduced Rate Guided Tours

Letter for Chaperones

Goody Bags for Students

School Programs Brochure

School Tour Information



A Brief History for Teachers

Encountering the Woodland Indians of Southern Maryland

Maryland’s First Capital

Tobacco Plantations in Early Maryland

Trade and Travel in Early Maryland

Suggested Reading


Research Publications


Activities for Students

The Colonial Kids Guide to St. Mary’s City

John Halfhead, Indentured Servant

John Halfhead, Plantation Master

John Halfhead, Citizen of St. Mary’s

Count Your Pennies


Also available are several online activities for your students.

Build a Colonial House

Nuthead Printers

Interactive Guide to St. Mary’s City

Exploring Maryland Roots


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