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Meet John Halfhead
John Halfhead was a real person and one of the first colonists who came to Maryland.
Historians know a lot about his life from documents and records that still exist today, over 350 years later! What documents do you have that tell about your life?

John Halfhead, Indentured Servant

Find out how and why
John came to Maryland.

John Halfhead, Plantation Master

Discover how John is doing after five years in the colony.

John Halfhead, Citizen of St. Mary’s

It has been 20 years since John came to the colony. Learn how things have changed since he landed.

A Colonial Kid’s Guide to St. Mary’s City 
A question and answer game about St. Mary’s City.
Build a Colonial House
Be one of twelve early colonists and build a house to suit you. But beware, you may run into trouble!
feeding on the pigs on the farm in Maryland What you can see and do on your visit

Count Your Pennies
Here is your chance to make some money!
Nuthead Printers
Ever wanted to be a colonial printer? Now is your chance.

    • Become a Master Printer
    • Explore the Print House
    • Meet the Nutheads


Guide to St. Mary’s City
Learn why St. Mary’s City is so important, and about the people who lived here.
Exploring Maryland Roots
Just a few of the activities available:

    • Visit a Woodland Indian Village
    • Go on an Archaeological Dig
    • Solve the Mystery of the Three Lead Coffins
    • Adding It Up
    • Build Your Plantation
    • Journey to a New Life
    • Read a Colonist’s Diary
    • Create Your Own Museum
    • And More…