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Private Event Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I reserve a location at Historic St. Mary’s City?
A hold may be placed on a date and site but within two weeks it must be confirmed with a contract and deposit. If, during the two-week hold period, another client requests your particular site and date before you have confirmed you will have first right of refusal. This means you will be contacted immediately and given the opportunity to make a deposit and sign a contract confirming your rental. Deposits are non-refundable. Selected dates may be changed by the renter if an alternate date is available.
What happens if there is rain or inclement weather on the day of my event?
We watch the weather carefully and will plan accordingly. An alternate location may be reserved. You will be responsible for paying the deposit for the more expensive of the two locations and will be charged the rate for the site used.

Our wedding tents have side panels that can be placed to shelter the inside from the weather. Elegant French windows allows guests to be protected while still offering a view of the waterfront.

If the ceremony will be held on site what facilities are offered for the bride and her party to dress?
The second floor of the State House, Farthing’s pub room, and the second floor of Farthing’s may be used for dressing. Check with your Event Planner to see if additional fees apply.
How do you transition from the ceremony to the reception if both are held at Historic St. Mary’s City?
After the ceremony, the bridal party is often busy with the photographer. Many couples offer a cocktail hour with appetizers, drinks, and music. This is a lovely transition for the guests and offers an opportunity for the bride and groom to take a short break before re-joining the party.
What is the official address of the State House? Should I put this address on the invitations?
The official address of the State House is 47414 Old State House Road, St Mary’s City, MD 20686. This address does not appear on some maps; however this is the address that should appear on the marriage license. The proper way to direct guests on the invitation is: the Reconstructed State House of 1676, Trinity Church Road, St. Mary’s City, 20686. Your contact at Historic St. Mary’s City will be able to provide you with more detailed directions, or visit our Directions page.To search with Google Maps use this address: Reconstructed State House of 1676, Old State House Road, Saint Marys City, MD 20686.
Will the site be rented out to anyone else the day of my wedding?
The day of your wedding is all about you and your guests. Occasionally there will be another event taking place at the same time but not occupying the same site. (The only facility they may have in common would be the bathrooms at Farthings Ordinary.)
I am interested in lodging for my out of town guests -- where can they stay?
The Inn at Brome Howard is located on the grounds of Historic St. Mary’s City. It is a lovely bed and breakfast (and wedding site). There are many hotels, motels, and other types of lodging in the area. Please ask your Event Manager for a list of these fine establishments.
What are the services that Historic St. Mary’s City offers?
  • We offer the location — the setting for your event.
  • We offer the equipment: please ask for a list of our tent packages that include tent, table, chairs, dance floor, and lighting. A la carte choices are also available.
When I provide my own decorations when do they need to be removed?
We prefer that decorations be cleared at the end of the event so the venue is ready for visitors the next morning.
Where are the restrooms located?
The State House area has two restrooms – one just outside the State House waterside door and the second, handicapped-accessible facility is adjacent to The Shop at Farthings.

The Inn at Brome Howard has two downstairs bathrooms. When the guest count for an event exceeds 60 we will assist with the rental of appropriate restrooms.

What should I do with the presents I receive?
Our staff will help you plan for the display and security of your gifts.
If the rental time is over may we extend?
Rental time may be changed with the permission of the Event Manager and the Caterer. These hours will result in additional fees being assessed.
How many guests fit in each location?
The Inn at Brome Howard can accommodate 60 guests in the two main dining rooms.

The State House can accommodate 140 guests at a wedding ceremony on the first floor and 90 guests seated at dinner on the first floor. The State House can accommodate 140 guests at a stand-up reception utilizing both floors.

The outdoor areas can accommodate 500+ with the use of tents.

Are we permitted to throw any items or have open flame during the event?
Due to environmental concerns, we do not allow the throwing of rice or birdseed or the use of any flame that is not enclosed and under control. Please check with your event manager for clarification. Under certain circumstances and with diligent supervision some exceptions can be made. Bubbles, real flower petals, and ribbon wands are lovely and safe alternatives.
Will the Maryland Dove be at the dock the day of my wedding?
The Maryland Dove may or may not be present the day of your event. Ask your Event Manager what the schedule will be for the coming year. Unless you are renting the dock and the ship as part of your event, it cannot be guaranteed she will be docked during your event.
My guests would like to explore the region before and after my event. Do you have suggestions?
Consider treating your guests to a visit to Historic St. Mary’s City, site of your special event, and a museum of colorful living history and exciting archaeology on the site of Maryland’s first capital. You can organize a group tour for 15 or more or you can purchase gift passes for individuals to visit at their own pace.

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