Meet Our Staff…

Since the 1970s, archaeologists and historians have been rediscovering the history of seventeenth century St. Mary’s City.  All of the museum exhibit and programs are based on the work of these scholars and educators.  Today, the museum’s staff includes a number of renowned experts in their respective fields.  They publish and present their work at academic and professional conferences in the US and abroad.  Schools and organizations are welcome to call the museum to request museum staff for lectures, programs, or presentations.  Please make this request by emailing or call 240-895-4960.

Regina Faden Executive Director
Henry Miller Maryland Heritage Scholar
Travis Parno Director of Research and Collections
Ruth Mitchell Project Archaeologist
Silas Hurry Curator of Collections/Archaeology Lab Director
Stephanie Whitehead Conservator
Will Gates Maritime Curator and Captain of The Maryland Dove
Marlee Putnam Site Supervisor Maryland Dove
Peter Friesen Director of Education