Experience life in 17th-century Maryland! Step onboard a tall ship, play colonial games, and
wander through an Indian witchott. The plantation household will show you what's growing in
the kitchen garden and introduce you to heirloom livestock. Find out how archaeologists and historians piece together the past to reveal this colony's remarkable legacy of democracy and toleration. Lord Baltimore's capital, in beautiful tidewater Southern Maryland, stands ready to be rediscovered.


Historic St. Mary’s City is now in its fall operating season.  Check here for our hours.
  Join dendrochronologist Michael Worthington on November 21 at 7:00 p.m. for an exploration of this fascinating but little-known science and the ways that it
has changed our understanding of historic structures.  Meet at the Visitor Center Auditorium.  This lecture is free and open to the public.  
  Join the Friends of Historic St. Mary’s City for a 10-night Caribbean cruise onboard the Sky Princess, January 5 – 15, 2021.  This cruise follows a route similar to that of the Ark and the Dove in 1634.  Our trip will also celebrate the 2021 launch of HSMC’s new Maryland Dove, now under construction at Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum in St. Michaels, Maryland.  For more information, contact Cole Travel at (301) 863-9497, or shirley@coletravel.biz.
waterfront wedding at Historic St. Mary's City
Recently engaged?  Looking for a location for the wedding of your dreams?  Look no further than Historic St. Mary’s City, with beautiful sites overlooking the St. Mary’s River.  A wedding at HSMC isn’t just an event, it’s an experience!
Please contact Mary at
MaryB@DigsHistory.org  to schedule a private tour.

 We’re hiring!  Check out our Jobs page.

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